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 What is the building like?

     Our building is not a typical church building with stained glass, balconies or a tall white      steeple. It is a very casual setting with a front walls of windows that look out on a peaceful garden area. The steep vaulted ceiling is topped with a pyramid of glass that fills the space with natural light. The side walls and ceiling are separated by a ledge and narrow band of windows where squirrels and other wildlife have been known to sit and listen in on worship. Many people have referred to our church as 'God's Garden Sanctuary.'

What will everyone be wearing?

     At Atonement you will find people dressed in jeans, suits, skirts, and dresses.  They will be wearing shorts, sneakers, dress shirts, ties, and everything in between.  It doesn't matter what you wear - just that you're here. 

 What about kids?

     We love having kids in worship.  Each Sunday we offer a special part of the service just for them!  On your way in be sure to grab your 'kids page' from the junior usher.  It will have a few fun activities for kids to work on that are related to the day's topic.  If the 'wiggles' are too much to handle we offer a cry room with rocking chairs, a changing station, and toys for toddlers.  Our Sunday School is fun and informal and kids learn age appropriate Bible based lessons. There are two or three teachers for each age group.

 Will I be able to follow the service?

     Our songs, hymns, readings and prayers are projected in the front of the sanctuary and we give you a printed outline to follow. There should be no surprises and you should be able to easily follow along without being confused or getting lost.

 How long will worship last?

     Our worship services last about an hour. They include opportunities to listen to God's voice with Bible readings and a biblical sermon.  You will have the chance to respond, moving beyond observation to participation.  We get to express our faith with prayers and music every week.

 What do you teach and preach?

     We teach people about Jesus.  We try our best to put Him at the center of everything we do. We explore the Bible, and encourage each other to live out Christian faith.  Every week in our services, Sunday school, and Bible studies we present the Gospel - that's the Good News that Jesus died and rose for you.  Jesus' Gospel is the source of forgiveness for sin, relationship with God, and new life in time and eternity. 

 What kind of music will I hear?

     We like to use variety, since we have a variety of people. We have a vocal choir, handbells, and soloists who present the faith in creative ways.  In general our worship is traditional with standard hymns you will probably recognize.

 What kind of "Lutherans" are you?

    We are a member congregation of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod (LCMS).  It's the second largest Lutheran church body in the U.S. with 2.4 million believers.  We believe the Bible is God's Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit.  We are thankful for God's voice, guiding us in a confusing culture. We try to live out and speak out a biblical faith so people will know Jesus and believe in Him as their Savior.


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