Christian Care Basics

All children are created by God.

Each child's self-image is one of worth because he or she is God's child.

We care because God' loves us and His desire is that we love one another.

Young children need to develop positive social relationships with peers and grown-ups.

Attitudes and life values are formed at an early age.

Children learn through exploration and discovery.

 What does a Christian Childcare Center look like?

Children are welcomed joyfully and by name. 

Gentle hugs, friendly handshakes, and sincere praise are given generously to show children our love.

 Parents are welcomed warmly and invited to stay as long as they like and are invited to regularly attend worship.

Teachers speak daily about our loving Jesus, reminding students to forgive one another as Jesus forgave us.  "Jesus" songs and stories are told daily.

 Children are reminded daily that they are God's special children and are continually in His loving care.

 As they play, students are reminded to appreciate God's beautiful creation. 

The center provides a warm, safe, comfortable home away from home.

Children's good behavior is affirmed daily.

Daily prayers, including prayers of thanks for each child, are said aloud.